Custom Couple Stamp


The ultimate couple stamp that makes you want to send your together-notes asap! Hubby heart wife, Boy heart girl, Girl heart Girl, Boy heart Boy and we even threw in a few pet-owner combos : Boy heart Doggie/ Cat, Girl heart Doggie/ Cat

Psstt..these make the bestttt wedding gifts...ever!

These beautiful wooden handled, rubber stamps are perfect for anything from love notes to written telephone messages to handmade wrapping paper. They are sized at 7.5cm x 4cm.

How to go about making your couple stamp:

1. Check out the face panel.

2. Choose the faces/specs in the first four drop down menu.

3. Enter names for the faces in the next two boxes

The face number matches the name number (i.e., under face1 will be name1 so please make sure the name order matches the face order!). Please make sure that the details chosen for the stamp are correct before placing the order. Corrections cannot be made on the stamp once the order is placed.

Please note: 

The longer the number of words to be added on the stamp, the smaller the size of the lettering. 

We DO NOT recommend more than 3 words at the most. 

This product takes 7-10 days to make and send.

(Stamp pad not included but they can be bought at any local craft or stationery store.)

(Little note: All our stamp heads aren't super identical but just know that every single one of them was locally made with gentle hands, with love :)

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