The human element is the key to brand value, says illustrator-entrepreneur Alicia Souza

Illustrator, artist, and entrepreneur Alicia Souza in conversation with HerStory tells us why storytelling and branding can be fun, relatable, and still deliver the message.

Tanvi Dubey
3rd Jun 2019

The lady who dons many hats - artist, illustrator, entrepreneur and pet mommy, Alicia Souza is all about her illustrations. She has a huge fan following both offline and online for not just her illustrations but for the products she creates under her eponymous label, Alicia Souza.

Alicia Souza


Given the overwhelming response Alicia’s work received, she started with her label Alicia Souza in 2012 which has everything from stickers to planners, fridge magnets, notebooks etc. When she started she was a one-woman army from her home and the space under her bed serving as storage space.

Today, the demand for her products is sky high. Over the years, she added a team and a partner who manages the business end of things so that Alicia’s focus is on the one thing no one else can do - the creative bit.

Alicia Souza tells HerStory, “We truly want people to be happy when they get our product.” Her art and products are all about happiness, for she claims she doesn’t do anything that doesn’t make her happy. Her illustrations capture everything from her pets to friendships, the daily mundane things to couple stories - all inspired from her own life. Stories that everyone can relate to.

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Alicia reiterates on the human aspect of it all. “What works invariably,” she says, “is to stand in someone’s shoes and visualise how you are helping that person. How would that person feel on getting that product or value and that is the best product value you can build?”

Watch the entire conversation Alicia Souza had with HerStory on branding, storytelling, challenges of being an entrepreneur, and how to be a happy person on YourStory

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