Ok so now I giggle when I read what’s below because that was about 6 months back and we’re a team of closing in on ten! That’s insane!

But we are looking to grow still! We ALWAYS have a bunch of work to do that everyone chips in for but we now have a few specifications:


Operations - Full time 

As of now, our small team pulls together to handle a warehouse full of our amazing products! We would love to add a dedicated person in this important position who can develop and supervise our warehousing operations and handle inventory!

Social Media Marketing - Full time 

Calling all social media addicts! Our presence in social media highlights the importance of adding a member in our team who can work on comprehensive social media strategies that align with our brand strategy. You would be looking into content development for Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


-Social media strategies: Develop, implement and maintain comprehensive social media strategies that align with brand strategy

-Social media content: Contribute to and support social media marketing efforts through Facebook & Instagram along with other developed social media.

-Monitoring: Evaluate the effectiveness and success of content, measuring actual results against desired outcomes


Interns (non-design related but if you are a designer, that’s fine too!)

Basically, if you love to learn and can work on different tasks assigned in a day, we would love to have you! You can work with our customer service team, look into execution of sales/finance reports and even work closely with the designing process!



That’s about it! Our commitment, passion, love requirement still stands because you’ll get to work with the rest of the team who are big on those!


Things to note:

-The job is based in Bangalore, and because we’re still a small team, we aren't able to support remote working yet.

- We don't look for any specific qualifications. However, any related work experience is always a plus. 

-A lot of mail for designers come in. At this time we’re not looking to hire designers specifically but if you’re a designer that doesn’t mind learning the ropes of a tiny business, then you’re welcome to apply too :)

-The team is a bunch of the most amazing people. You’re guaranteed to be in love with every single one of them.

- I tend to come in once a week to say hello and get updates about everything. I try and get Charlie sometimes too :) 

Mail: [email protected]


Ok, so here’s the story.

Ever since we opened the online store a year ago, I really never expected to grow THIS quick, especially when I specifically wanted to stay small. But the love came in tons, things moved fast and I started getting used to running around like a headless chicken.

At this time, we’re a tiny team comprising of Saurabh, my partner, who takes care of all operations, Maharisha, our part time merchandiser, who handles customer service and logistics. And me, who handles all the design work and Charlie/Henry-oats maintenance. We have out sourced warehousing and packing to our lovely neighbours next door. They have a team of packing specialists who help us ship our orders out. 

We have few important positions that we need to fill, and they are not really definable in terms of a Job Description. The amount of work has been a bit too insane and it involves every aspect of the store like accounting, merchandising, planning, customer service and a bunch of other things. This is *NOT* a design job, please note, and we’re looking for a full timer who is looking for an opportunity to learn, stick around and grow with us. You’ll be working with Saurabh most of the time as I tend to work from home. You will also see our shiny new tiny office-in-the-making :) The rest of the details are in the image below. 

Oh yes, lastly, starting date is pretty much as soon as possible :)

*Eeekk! We’re so so excited to hear from you’ll!*



Mail: [email protected]