Dearest George: The corniest, love-iest book ever made

Disclaimer: Disgustingly Love-y

Yes. I admit. I'm in love. (Ugh!) But let's be realistic- I'm married and when that happens, realism sets in pretty quick. Those recurring used socks on the floor make sure of it! But I'm in love with being in love. The comfort of their human-ness, the warmth of their voice and even the sweatiness of hand-holding of someone you adore. Dearest George hopefully captures that. The everyday kinda love an infinite number of kisses, huge doses of longing when they're away, just a wee bit of creepy stalking, lots of chips eating (one needs special nutrition) & the occasional banter about who made the first move. He DID.

This book includes:

  • Over 100 illustrations, some old favourites and some brand new
  • Tons of love-y stickers
  • One tear-out postcard
  • Shiny silver foil finish 

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