Hearts & Cuddles Lapdesk


'A happy collaboration between Alicia Souza and Not So Shabby for the perfect companion!'

Your comfortable friend to use on bed or sofa or car. Perfect size for sweet breakfasts for beauty sleepers, hard workaholics on laptops or nice tea breaks! Say goodbye to hunching on your bed while working.

All new Lapdesk with a laminated top with a wooden band surrounding it and a whole lot of cover options.

Taking care of your Lapdesk

  • Wipe clean weekly with a damp cloth to avoid dust residue settling

  • We recommend you to use coasters for your hot cuppa tea or coffee

  • Gently hand wash the pillow cover in cold water. Do not dry in direct sunlight

Little Note: 

*This product will NOT be shipped from the Alicia Souza store but directly from the vendor as it is a collaborative product. This only means that the packaging may be slightly different to our usual. If you are ordering any other product along with this, you will receive your goodies in two sets. 

*Delivery in 7 - 10 days :)

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